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Short horror story

I love those mornings when the air is sweet, fresh and the warm sun’s rays start to break through the clouds, gently fondle people’s faces.

One of those mornings I went shopping. I told myself that I would go out on my bike, to enjoy the good weather. Arriving at the parking lot of the store, I see a group of boys standing right next to the bike rack. The moment I put the bike on it, the main dude pulled out a massive chain and deftly locked the bike under my nose. I looked at him questioningly.

– What the hell? Take the damn chain of, write now!

– Ha-ha, you have to play by the rules man, or you’ll suffer the consequences – he said, almost mockingly. It was clear that he was serious. Somehow I wasn’t scared.

I went to the store in spite of this nagging voice in my head, saying “I would never see my bike again”. I could feel their gaze on the back of my neck as I was entering the store.

I exit the store twenty minutes later, there was no sign of the boys. To my surprise, my bike was still on the stand. The strange thing was that my chain was sitting on the frame!

In the evening we gathered with friends at the local restaurant. My new girlfriend and I celebrated our three months anniversary. Cute girl – petite, redhead, with freckles around her chip nose, lively eyes, and a big smile. Extremely charming and natural woman. Even the fact that she used me as a money box to pay everywhere didn’t bother me. It was enough for me to be with her and her charming company.
We had gathered only close friends. Towards the end of the evening, my girlfriend asked me to pay her bill, then kissed me. The kiss seemed strangely intoxicating to me, perhaps due to the residual taste of fried onion in her mouth. I smiled as she got up from the table to leave for some reason.
At that moment, a group of people entered the restaurant, all large and all wearing the same badge on their lapels.

– So if you’re ready, we can go – said the “obvious” chief,

– And did you, sir, decide whether to join?

– I don’t even know what it is about, but who the f*uck are you and why are you messing up my anniversary?

– Well, they obviously didn’t explain it to you. Your friends have agreed to join our initiative. I was convinced that they had told you.

– Tell me about what? What initiative are you talking about? – I asked, already very irritated.

– You see, we are an organization subsidized by the military. We’re conducting social experiments and research, in order to improve the lives of citizens. We intend to offer the vast population the means to improve the standard and quality of life – listening to him realized how I hate politicians and politics in general. This dude would become a great prime minister or a f*ucking party leader, damn posh prick! While he was preaching, something he said caught my attention.

– …. and if you decide to join, we will provide you with a very generous payment. How do you like the sound of two hundred thousand if you join now, for the three-month experiment, starting tonight of course?!
At that moment, my so-called girlfriend showed up and winked at me – you better listen to the man – she said, grabbing her coat as she goes out, as did our entire company…as well as the entire god damn restaurant. Only I and the “Future Prime Minister” in question were left alone. For some messed up reason, I actually agreed. The Prime Minister smiled and we shook hands.

The rest is like a mist…..

The cabin was located high in the mountains. The sun’s rays were already hiding behind heavy clouds. A cold wind was blowing. The fog began to descend over the wooden cabin.
Still disoriented and slightly dizzy, I entered the large square room. To the left of the door was a  three-section window with a wide sofa beneath it. To the right, the wall was made of special glass, like the one used in police interrogation rooms. In the middle were placed several beds, a small sofa, and a coffee table. The semi-visible glass wall lit up and I could clearly see a bunch of people and video recording equipment as well as several working hospital monitors, I guess. I’m not an engineer as my father wanted me to be. Strangely enough, Couldn’t hear anything behind the glass. I assumed that the room is soundproof
Suddenly the Prime Minister appeared behind the glass wall, holding a large, old-looking mike.

– Dear participants, It’s nearly eight o’clock! It’s time to take your seats. We turn off the lights In ten minutes.

After the announcement, the room went dark and the glass wall became a mirror again!
I realized that I had no memory of the trip to the cabin. I didn’t know these people either, and there were at least twenty of us. Everyone was getting ready for bed, so I looked around and so this single sofa. I felt tired for some reason. I put my backpack on the seat and was just about to lie down when I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was my best friend, creepily staring at me.

– Come with me on the double sofa, I don’t trust anyone here but you – he said, almost whispering. I nodded, took my backpack and we went to the sofa under the window. I started putting on sheets and then I noticed that everyone was undressing…..butt naked! I looked at my friend – weak, skinny, and….butt naked! He looked at me with wide, creepy eyes without blinking.
– Aren’t you going to undress?
– No – I said firmly – What the fack is wrong with you people? Why are you naked? Why are you all f*ucking naked? What the hell is going on here? – the moment I started shouting, the light behind the glass wall illuminated the room and the Prime Minister emerged holding the mike again. But now the staff behind him was staring at us. Then I noticed that everyone in the room was standing naked and frozen, facing him.
– Please don’t raise your voice! In order for the experiment to go according to plan, there are some requirements and procedures to be maintained. These “details” were explained to you along the way. Need I have to remind you that you signed a contract of consent. So do start cooperating right away!
– I don’t know who do you people think you are, but I’m not going to strip butt naked! This is f*ucking insane!!!
– Well, we shall see!
After saying this, the light behind the wall disappears. We were left with some slight ambient light in the square room. I heard steps outside the entrance door, then the sound of the locking mechanism. What the hell I got myself I to? Everyone laid down to sleep or whatever they were supposed to do. I was the only one standing, left alone with all my split thoughts and confusing questions. Is this worth the two hundred thousand? F*ucking money, man!

I felt two eyes in the semi-dark looking at me from across the room. She smiled. It was an extremely beautiful woman. She was about my age with big blue-green eyes, long eyelashes, slender posture, sensual lips, high cheekbones, wide forehead, and long black slightly curly hair. An overall very charming lady. I haven’t felt this way in a long time, thanks to just one smile.

– Just undress, lie down, and don’t ask questions. you’ll be fine, trust me – she whispered.
I don’t know why I nodded. Her voice was almost hypnotizing. That was the only normal thing in this whole f*ucked situation. I nodded, undressed, leaving only my boxer briefs on and went to bed!

I woke up with severe back pain. I shouted and got up. Emergency red lights came on. My friend got up and looked at me with bloodshot eyes and an even more glazed look. There was some blood dripping off his mouth. I reached to touch my left shoulder. I felt scars from his teeth. I was bleeding.

-The f*uck are you doing?  Why …
-Whoever doesn’t play by the rules, will suffer the consequences! Next time it will be your eyes! – he answered. Everyone was awake, standing lifelessly, and looking at me. The only set of eyes that was sane in this insane situation, was that of the charming lady with the hypnotizing voice. She was covered in tears and I saw fear, horror, and pity In her eyes!
Everyone started coming towards me – slowly. As I was walking backwards towards the corner, I almost stepped on a little, ten-year-old girl. My heart stopped. She looked ill, sick, like a ghost. She passed me by and went to open a medicine cabinet in the other corner of the room. Everyone stopped but continued to stare at me. All of a sudden sharp pain hit me, right in the head. I fell down on my knees. I was having visions and flashing images of the little girl and her sister. The big sister was 16, treated by doctors with drugs that made her worse, and worse until she died. Falling to the floor I saw the little girl vomit, right next to the medicine cabinet. Then a few more images of her getting chemotherapy flashed before my eyes. She also collapsed on the floor.
The group started gathering around me…

The rest is like a mist!

It was a fresh and cool spring morning. The sun was making its way through the heavy clouds. Everyone was waking up. People were smiling as they passed by me, on their way to the other rooms. The glass wall was transparent again. The medical equipment inside wasn’t working and the staff wasn’t there. I vaguely remembered what had happened last night, and I wondered why everyone was so calm and happy.

I decided to check the other rooms. The next room was right behind the bedroom, after the glass-walled corridor! The room was narrow and it had orange walls. On the left, I saw the beautiful weather through the large wooden window, and on the opposite side was a desk with three plasma monitors. I turned them on. A video file opened after a few seconds, showing a golden poster between two red curtains! On the poster was written the names of the company and of the “Prime minister”. Underneath them was a picture of a symbol, the same one I saw in the restaurant – the Prime Minister’s badge! It was strikingly similar to the symbol used by the Free Masons. I grabbed the mouse next to the left monitor. To my surprise, there was an Internet connection. I googled the names – nothing. When I tried to exit the browser to return the previous video on the desktop, another poster appeared – blue and white!

– I hope this doesn’t get me into trouble – I said to myself, and went back to the other room.

I saw a charming lady from last night. She was sitting on the sofa, looking worried. I walked over to her, touched her shoulder, and smiled. She looked at me with tears in her eyes, took my hand, and pulled me into the next room with the monitors. We stood at the open window and stared into the distance. A mountain peak was visible in the distance, mystically shrouded in clouds. The wind made the leaves and branches of the nearby trees rustle. There was a sweet smell of blooming flowers and freshly cut grass!

– This place…this…!!! We need to get out of here! I don’t know how long I will last! – she said as she looked into the distance. The wind played lightly with a few locks of her hair.

– I agree something is wrong here. We have to get out! – I looked at her warmly, she looked back at me, after which we hugged. She pressed hard against my chest. I felt a rush of emotions I hadn’t felt in a very long time. Suddenly she let me go and ran into the bedroom. I followed her and when I entered the room…it was empty. There was no light except for the red emergency one on the ceiling. The window was gone, and only a seventeen-year-old girl was lying on a single sofa, in the middle of the fracking room!!!

– Where is everyone? Who, The F*uck, are you?

– What do you mean –  everyone? Only You and I survived. The others….left, on the second day three months ago!

– Ok, ok… I see! Yep, of course! This is some f*ucked up game of yours, right? I bet “The Prime Minister” is watching from somewhere, you sick f*uck!!! Where the F*uck are you bastard! WHERE ARE YOU ALL?!!!

– Don’t shout. It’s almost over – she said, then slowly stood up. An alarm was triggered by the room.

– There’s only one last thing left to do.

Seeing the exotic girl coming towards me, I was horrified, mainly because she had all-black eyes! I ran to the door, but there wasn’t any! The glass wall lit up in blood-red light. The Prime Minister standing in the middle, ominously grinning, staring at me. I began to lose consciousness. I collapsed on the floor. The girl leaned over me, whispering and repeating “Whoever does not play by the rules, will draw the consequences, …. who … does not …. play ….. by ..the…rules ….. . “!

The rest…is like a mist!!!


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