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Action Spheres
Photo: Pixabay – Pexels

1. Take Immediate Action

Now is gold time to use this usually lacked source – time.
All creative people nevermind what kind of creativity they practice, often feel wasted in so many directions out of the projects, and is so difficult to be calm for fresh ideas. Now this free time in Corona is our friend. No one knows how long the Corona shutdown actually will continue, so why we don’t use the moment to do some creative stuff
When to start? Just now, it can’t be better if you delay the moment. Without taking actions you can’t find useful habits and your will to be pro-active is going down.

Photo: PixaBay – Pexels

2. Social life and collaboration

Definitely there are many other people who want to be creative now. They just need it, unfortunately, they are depressed in loneliness. So now is the best time to collaborate. The people are more willing to join you. This current affair never happened before, new trends come up and new ideas come around. Also, people need the current situation to be expressed in the articles, entertainment, art and etc. You could contribute in the way as you can. But you need help from others to understand the trend better.

pexels-photo-4144923 - julia_M_Cameron - Pexels
Photo: Julia M Cameron – Pexels

3. Watch creative works

We all know that it is difficult for us now to connect all our thoughts and comes to the point to have ideas. Therefore you need inspiration or state of mind to be creative. One of the ways to get some affected for productivities is to watch films, fine artwork, read books, articles or to keep in touch with any other art stuffs represented the life, relationship and people. Luckily, we have plenty of artworks. They are done in the past time when all societies and life were in normal rhythm and connections.

anthony Shkraba - Pexels.jpeg
Photo: Anthony Shkraba – Pexels

4. Start to learn completely new skills

When you start to learn something new and you never had time for it before or just recently want it, you put your brain in function to find creative roots and ways how to deal and remember the new content to make the process of learning easily and successfully. In this way, you activate your creativity in real matters and the real reason. The new experience of learning something new gives you a tendency, matter, and feel of being living.


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