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Street Art Throwdown premieres February 3 on Oxygen.

“Forget America’s Next Top Model. Next winter the newly rebranded (tagline: very real) Oxygen will be attempting to find America’s Next Top Banksy. Set in Los Angeles, Street Art Throwdownpremieres February 3 and places 10 street artists in a grueling mental, physical, and aesthetic competition, with the winner taking home $100,000.

Hosted by Justin Bua—whom Oxygen calls a “world-renowned street artist” but who is perhaps better known for his fine-art posters of breakdancers and UFC fighters—Street Art Throwdown will test artists on “their stamina, strength, and efficiency as they create a large-form piece or mural in hard to reach locations and under harsh conditions,” according to an Oxygen Press Release.

Judging by the artists participating, there is a mix of known entities (including Brooklyn-based artist Jenna Morello) and newcomers (Ivan Preciado, who boasts eight Twitter followers). Additionally, in true reality show fashion, brands participating in challenges include Polaroid and D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education). After all, nothing says “guerrilla art” like corporate synergy.”

This article is from BY POSTED 10/03/14 Direct link: Art in the Streets, Now on Basic Cable | ARTnews.


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